The Food Policy Council is launching the Local Fare Awards as a way of recognizing the great work being done in our community to improve the local food system, ensuring everyone has access to affordable, healthy food. For our first year, 5 awards will be given in the following categories: 

The Sustainable Grower Award

Given to a farm or community garden within 150 miles of Tarrant County for their commitment to sustainable growing practices. Click the green Vote Now button for more information on this award.


The Locavore Award

Given to a restaurant within Tarrant County that demonstrates a commitment to sourcing local, sustainable food. Click the blue Vote Now button below for more information on this award. 

The Innovation Award

Given to a Tarrant County business or non-profit that utilizes innovative tools or methodology for implementing sustainable practices at the organizational level or for efforts to improve the local food environment. Click the purple Vote Now button below for more information on this award. 

The Leadership Award

Given to a civic leader or municipality within Tarrant County that has shown commitment to addressing food access issues through policies or programs that ensure citizens can access healthy food. Click the yellow Vote Now button below for more information on this award. 

The Changemaker Award

This is award given to a Tarrant County citizen who has made a significant impact in improving the community's access to healthy food by taking action to reduce food insecurity, influence the local food system, or otherwise address access issues at a systems level. 

The Changemaker Award will be selected by the Council's Board of Directors. If you would like to suggest a nominee for this award, please send us a message. All suggestions for this award must be received by April 30th to be considered. ​​​

Winners of the Sustainable Grower, Locavore, Innovation and Leadership awards will be selected through public nomination and voting between April 15-May 15. 

Local Fare Awards