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All individuals interested in joining TCFPC are welcome. We recommend visiting one of our Coffee Chats or Happy Hours to visit with a board member and learn more about current efforts. Working groups and our bi-monthly networking meetings are also open to the public. 

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COVID-19 and Local food resources 

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Our mission is to collaborate with representatives of all aspects of Tarrant County's food system to catalyze creative solutions for ensuring equitable access to sufficient, nutritious, and culturally appropriate foods, and to advocate for local food policies that support this goal. 

The Board of the Tarrant County Food Policy Council (the Council) stands with our community members both in Tarrant County and in the food movement around the country to say that Black lives matter and that food justice is racial justice. We stand with the weight of our responsibility for the crushing pain and suffering that black communities experience daily.

We cannot address the problems of a flawed food system without addressing the racism that is inherent in our nation’s food system. Injustice in the food system heightens the devastation of diet-related diseases in communities of color. It has instituted food apartheid in neighborhoods across Tarrant County and across the Metroplex. This must change.

We recognize the contribution of the countless lives of Black and Latinx agricultural workers, from those enslaved whose labor built this country’s wealth to those who now provide back-breaking labor in fields to harvest the food we, in our privilege, expect to see in our grocery stores. We recognize the devastating loss of Black farmland and the Black farmers who pioneered their own farmer co-ops and distribution entities of the style we now call food hubs as a means of survival. We recognize the racist structures that caused Black land loss.

While the Council works to address issues of healthy food access, and recognizes inequality in the food system, we as a Council, have not spoken out or taken action for these injustices. We can do better...

What Everyone Needs to Know About Local Food Resources

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Knowing where to go for help with food when you need it can be a challenge. The current outbreak of COVID-19 makes finding help all the more difficult. We've created a page to link you to the most    up-to-date information on food assistance and other resources in our community.

Our working groups are actively pursuing changes to local ordinances, promoting existing resources, and developing new ways to support businesses and  organizations to achieve a bright and healthy future for Tarrant County.

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Food Justice is Racial Justice