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Community Members Solving Problems with Access to Healthy Food

All individuals interested in joining TCFPC are welcome. We recommend visiting one of our Coffee Chats or Happy Hours to visit with a board member and learn more about current efforts. Working groups and our bi-monthly networking meetings are also open to the public. 

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Our mission is to collaborate with representatives of all aspects of Tarrant County's food system to catalyze creative solutions for ensuring equitable access to sufficient, nutritious, and culturally appropriate foods, and to advocate for local food policies that support this goal. 

What Every Citizen Should Know About Food From North Texas

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the food system

To improve access to healthy foods, you have to have a community that produces it. The North Texas region needs more farmers and gardeners to meet the needs of our community. Most local growers are family run small businesses. When you buy local, it can often mean fresher, more variety, and foods that are more nutritious than those that have been transported hundreds of miles, and your dollars stay in the community where you live. 

Our working groups are actively pursuing changes to local ordinances, promoting existing resources, and developing new ways to support businesses and  organizations to achieve a bright and healthy future for Tarrant County.

We are a coalition of citizens, organizations, government and business leaders concerned for the health of our community. We work to bring together all parts of the local food system to find solutions to current food issues at the local level. 

We take a systems approach to making change in our community. That means we're looking at issues from how and where our food is produced, to where it can be accessed, to what happens to waste and everything in between.

It's a big job and change doesn't come quickly, but we're going to keep working until everyone has access to healthy food.